i'm kicki and i live in sweden.
i do not support or promote self harm, eating disorders etc, i only use this blog to express my feelings.
welcome to the miserable side of my life.


Anonymous: i messaged you on your other blog but realised you havent used it in a while lol is chelsiejedward ok? she hasnt been on in a while and i was just wondering how she was

oh yeah I know :’) Like I said, I don’t know, sorry :( I hope she’s okay though.. 

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Anonymous: du ÄR underbar, oki? <3

nej, men du är.. 

[new tumblr guys

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arrestingyou: You are beautiful!

thank you but no :’) 

[new tumblr guys

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plase follow my new blog: http://dark-battle.tumblr.com :) x

(it’s not b&w though..) 

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this has a title which means it’s pretty important right?

i’m not going to be on here as much, for now.

i really want to continue this blog but since it’s a side blog i just can’t without still using my main, and there is just loads of drama around that at the moment. 

so if you want to then you please follow my brand new blog (even though it’s not a b&w one, sorry)

i love you all, keep fighting. xx

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omg yes .